Coaching Successful Leaders with Alex Kuhn

Alex KuhnAlex Kuhn is the Founder of Born to Lead and Vault Team & Vaulters Unite™ and helps personal development coaches start, grow, and scale their companies to six and seven figures. He has coached and trained over 5,000 performance-driven individuals, including C-level business leaders, professional and Olympic athletes, and CEOs of nonprofit organizations.

Alex was previously a nationally-ranked swimmer, college head coach, professor, and business owner. As the youngest college head coach in the U.S., he earned multiple Coach of the Year awards for developing nationally-ranked swimmers and teams. Additionally, Alex developed internships and college courses for seniors in preparation for graduate school while he was working as a professor.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alex Kuhn, the Founder of Born to Lead and Vault Team & Vaulters Unite,
    shares his leadership journey.
  • Alex talks about his career as a swim coach.
  • Why did Alex decide to start his own business?
  • Alex discusses his approach to leadership.
  • What makes a business successful?
  • Alex talks about his role models.

In this episode…

Leaders play an integral part of starting and growing successful businesses. But with so many aspects of running a business requiring attention, the role of a leader is often convoluted. Alex Kuhn, Founder of Born to Lead and Vault Team & Vaulters Unite™ believes that the key to leadership is “creating clarity, connection, and conviction” with yourself and with others.

Join Allan Rolnick in this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show as he interviews Alex Kuhn, Founder of Born to Lead and Vault Team & Vaulters Unite™ where they discuss Alex’s leadership experiences from being one of the youngest NCAA head swim coaches to starting and selling two multi-million dollar organizations. Alex also discusses how he helps people develop their leadership skills, his advice for business owners who are struggling with growth, and what he looks for in a role model. Stay tuned.

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